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I24 Company is the service provider in call center and customer care, with extensive expertise in inbound and outbound call center.

Our service ranges include:

  • Inbound Call Center Service

    We can provide a professional inbound call center service to any client who wants to set up the call center. You can save cost for initial set up fee for your own call center and hiring staff and continuous training to all agents. We also prepare the high-end call center technology such as IP based PBX, ACD, IVR for divert to most appropriate agents to apply the customer’s call.
    General Enquiries
    The service includes receiving calls from customers and providing them information regarding products and services. This can also be utilized as marketing tools to promote products and services. We also provide the application to store customer information which can be analyzed and used in future marketing/ product and services planning.
    Overflow call Handling
    We provide payment reminder outbound call both for pre due date and post due date. For overdue customers we can call most effective day and hours in order to get a high rate for money collection. We can provide our services to help improving collection percentage as well as minimizing the collection costs.
    Customer Satisfaction Survey
    We provide overflow call handling to ensure that a call from a potential client can be never missed. Management of communications is crucial to the business. If clients can't reach you, they may be turning to competitors. We will be able to customize answering options for your business, from how the caller is greeted to what information is presented.
    Helpdesk Service
    We provide prompt, accurate and courteous assistance for service helpdesk. We will work with client to build and reference company's policies, procedures and guidelines when customers call with questions or for assistance.
    Customer Feedback and Complaint Management
    The service includes handling customer complaints, suggestions and provide preliminary information or initial situations to customers. The complaint management process also includes case escalation to relevant business units and feedback monitoring to ensure customers’ request has been responded and customers’ satisfaction is fulfilled.