Contact Interactive Centre

  • Outbound Call Center Service

    We are providing outbound customer contact via phone. Our service is able to generate more effective & high reachable target by our own knowledge, database list and analysis adapting by the client requirement. That is why we can approach the high potential customers effectively.

    Regarding the call result, we can also feed back to the client both qualitative and quantitative report, such as Statistic report , analysis report, and online web service report in order to contribute to review and improving the strategy of clients.
    Prospect Management and Telesales
    This service includes introduce product or service information to target group of customers. We assist in providing sales pipelines with qualified leads so that the sales team can focus on closing sales. Hence, reduce cost and enhance sales performance. With our specially selected, well-trained and experienced in based on the talk script and we are adaptable for unscripted well talk, up-sell, cross-sell approach all the potential customers.
    Payment Reminders Outbound Call Center Services
    We provide payment reminder outbound call both for pre due date and post due date. For overdue customers we can call most effective day and hours in order to get a high rate for money collection. We can provide our services to help improving collection percentage as well as minimizing the collection costs.
    Customer Satisfaction Survey
    We provide comprehensive service regards to customer satisfaction survey by provide assessment of customer satisfaction towards sales and service performance. The information is collected via telephone interview, data analysis is carried out and provide summary report in order to define action plans and improvement measures.
    Relationship Calls
    This service is to promote your prospects or customers about any upcoming campaign, promotion, or other various information that you would like your prospects to know. Unlike other channels, such as email or direct mail, the telephone approach can enhance the reachable rate as well as hear actual voice from prospects.
    Data Cleansing
    Data qualify is a critical factor for the success of company intelligence initiatives. Our service is to activate and well-managed such a kinds of data by our data cleansing service such as Update database, Change to the digital data from Paper, and add some index for effective usage.
    Facility Rental Service
    We provide facility rental for call center that equipped with secured system , secured network and comfortable atmospheres. The set up of call center can be done with the fastest (minimize the lead time), secured , reliable, and well-managed.