Application Management Service

i24’ approach to Solution Deployment provides a rapid path to deliver the benefits your business and technology teams expect. Our experienced business and technical consultants are familiar with large-scale, complex change management program. We combine their experience with our Consensus Methodology, which provides the templates, tools and accelerators required for a fast and controlled multi-site implementation.

Our Services include:

  • Solution Consultancy
  • Solution Implementation & Integration
  • Business Need Consultancy
  • Training

Our experience

  • We have experience delivering sophisticated and integrated implementations utilizing Dynamics CRM. Our Implementation Services are pragmatic and effective enabling us to deliver to your business an integrated modern business solution with minimize Cost & maximize functionalities.

    Through close contact with our clients, at all stages, our team of consultants, developers, project managers and support personnel turns your system wish-list into a reality.

Infrastructure And End User Service

i24 Infrastructure Solutions typically consist of various. We have experience for provide an IT services that all are covering internal group of users for MGC (Asia), Group. Our solution provides totally IT Solution is a business development consultancy committed to providing excellence in client service.

Our Services include:

  • Server Operations
    • Visual Machine (VM)
    • Mail Service
    • Backup & Recovery
  • Network & Security
    • Network Solutions
    • Firewall Solutions
    • Anti-Virus Solutions
    • Data Loss Protection (DLP)
  • Telephone & CCTV

Contact Interactive Centre

I24 Company is the service provider in call center and customer care, with extensive expertise in inbound and outbound call center.

Our service ranges include:

  • Inbound Call Center Service
    We can provide a professional inbound call center service to any client who wants to set up the call center. You can save cost for initial set up fee for your own call center and hiring staff and continuous training to all agents. We also prepare the high-end call center technology such as IP based PBX, ACD, IVR for divert to most appropriate agents to apply the customer’s call.
    • General Enquiries
      The service includes receiving calls from customers and providing them information regarding products and services. This can also be utilized as marketing tools to promote products and services. We also provide the application to store customer information which can be analyzed and used in future marketing/ product and services planning.
    • Overflow call Handling
      We provide overflow call handling to ensure that a call from a potential client can be never missed. Management of communications is crucial to the business. If clients can't reach you, they may be turning to competitors. We will be able to customize answering options for your business, from how the caller is greeted to what information is presented.
    • Helpdesk Service
      We provide prompt, accurate and courteous assistance for service helpdesk. We will work with client to build and reference company's policies, procedures and guidelines when customers call with questions or for assistance.
    • Customer Feedback and Complaint Management
      The service includes handling customer complaints, suggestions and provide preliminary information or initial situations to customers. The complaint management process also includes case escalation to relevant business units and feedback monitoring to ensure customers’ request has been responded and customers’ satisfaction is fulfilled.

  • Outbound Call Center Service
    We are providing outbound customer contact via phone. Our service is able to generate more effective & high reachable target by our own knowledge, database list and analysis adapting by the client requirement. That is why we can approach the high potential customers effectively.

    Regarding the call result, we can also feed back to the client both qualitative and quantitative report, such as Statistic report , analysis report, and online web service report in order to contribute to review and improving the strategy of clients.
    • Prospect Management and Telesales
      This service includes introduce product or service information to target group of customers. We assist in providing sales pipelines with qualified leads so that the sales team can focus on closing sales. Hence, reduce cost and enhance sales performance. With our specially selected, well-trained and experienced in based on the talk script and we are adaptable for unscripted well talk, up-sell, cross-sell approach all the potential customers.
    • Payment Reminders Outbound Call Center Services
      We provide payment reminder outbound call both for pre due date and post due date. For overdue customers we can call most effective day and hours in order to get a high rate for money collection. We can provide our services to help improving collection percentage as well as minimizing the collection costs.
    • Customer Satisfaction Survey
      We provide comprehensive service regards to customer satisfaction survey by provide assessment of customer satisfaction towards sales and service performance.The information is collected via telephone interview, data analysis is carried out and provide summary report in order to define action plans and improvement measures.
    • Relationship Calls
      This service is to promote your prospects or customers about any upcoming campaign, promotion, or other various information that you would like your prospects to know. Unlike other channels, such as email or direct mail, the telephone approach can enhance the reachable rate as well as hear actual voice from prospects.
    • Data Cleansing
      Data qualify is a critical factor for the success of company intelligence initiatives. Our service is to activate and well-managed such a kinds of data by our data cleansing service such as Update database, Change to the digital data from Paper, and add some index for effective usage.

  • Facility Rental Service
    We provide facility rental for call center that equipped with secured system , secured network and comfortable atmospheres. The set up of call center can be done with the fastest (minimize the lead time), secured , reliable, and well-managed.